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Think of me as if I were the cute girl next door who makes you arouse when you catch me in the elevator with that innocent face, Emilly +40742415033wearing my baby doll dresses with cleavage and high heels, fantasize about pushing me against the mirror, hold me tight and wrap my legs around your waist, taste my tongue and whisper in my ears how much you desire to play with my pink nipples Emilly +40742415033Think of me as if I were that charming and elegant lady you take to dinner, tasting a good champagne together and enjoying my beauty, having your eyes on my beautiful feet thinking if you are allowed to lick, on my toned legs you would like to spread, on my red lips wrapped around your hard dick and take it deep... Think of me as if I were your hot secretary, teasing you daily with my short skirts and stockings, make you wonder if I wear pantie. Right now, you burn of desire to bend me over and check, don't you? Emilly +40742415033I have slim body, round butt, big natural boobs the perfect size to slide your dick, pretty face to cum on it, playful tongue who likes to lick, tailored lips who like to kiss. You will beg me to stay and play more. Be a generous gentleman and I will be your sugar girl.

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