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Crina +40738182643Hello sir. I am a respectful and sexy woman ”and very“ charming ”, with fragrant and always tanned skin, always smiling ... I am very sensitive and I appreciate passionate and fusional relationships. I like to see people regularly, so as to create the connection that can exist between a man and his friend. Every appointment is important and I need a minimum time to prepare, exclusively for you, to receive you perfectly and to fulfill your fantasies. I'm not a woman with a medium look, who simply aired herself perfectly. My eyes are out of the ordinary and will captivate your senses as soon as our eyes connect. It has been said that I look like a "porn star" that can make men downstairs start tingling at first sight. I am here to make sure that every erotic and deep desire is overwhelmingly fulfilled.Crina +40738182643My past career has been in the medical industry and this is my absolute strength. I have found that it is also beneficial for the sex industry, making sure I maintain immaculate sexual health. I develop my knowledge and always find ways to improve, whether I am learning a language or an additional tool. I make sure that our time together will stimulate both physically and mentally. I will guarantee you an exceptional and connecting meeting, with absolute divine pleasure, a model face and an impeccable smile. I strive to pray, to fulfill and to give everything. I understand the essential qualities of a real luxury experience and I will deliver it with the utmost importance. From the moment you contact me, until the next details after our meeting, let yourself be enchanted by the care, care and authentic courtesy that I offer you on an individual level. I make sure that our meeting will stimulate both mentally and physically. I believe in listening and engaging in a glass of wine or sharing it as an ice-breaking tool. I hope you will allow your time to be pampered, impatient and relaxed in my company. Women Escorts Bucharest - Bucharest Escorts. My motive in this industry is predominantly for my own sexual satisfaction and exploration. I enjoy immensely pushing my own sexual boundaries through bisexual and lesbian encounters. I am truly open-minded and this will easily shine through our time together as I develop my sexual passion with men, women and couples alike. The desire to please and satisfy a man, a woman or a couple is always present and 100% authentic. I would love to share a little of myself, as well as know the parts of you that you would like to share when we share intimate company. Let's fall in love with each other and enjoy every amazing moment kissing, laughing and finally in the intoxicating erotic lust! contact watzapppCrina +40738182643

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Superba din toate punctele de vedere Cu siguranta am sa o revad !😘