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From the sexual experiences of Bucharest escorts

And then came the first (and only) night spent with her.  Delia kicked her mother out to a coworker and we both got into trouble.  He had promised me a full body cream massage.  How can I avoid such a thing?HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2I get to Delia.  We got to work quickly.  We get undressed and Delia starts to give me cream.  After about 5 minutes, during which time he gave me cream and face and back, I realize that I am full of javra.  I can say that I was already used to animal hair, only now I was full of ointment and all the dog hair on the bed was now tight on my skin.  Just think how long the thread on the fur of a collie is.  I had hundreds of such threads on me.  Delia doesn't seem to mind this thing, so she got on me and we started shooting.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2It was relatively ok for a very short time.  The hormones did not let me think too much about the javra hair on me, and Delia had talent when she was above.  But that stinky collie bitch thought she'd show me a little affection too.
 - Deliaaaa.  The dog licks my feet!  Get him out of here!
 Delia gets up from me and starts yelling at the dog.
 - Leaves!  Go away!  Get in your place!
 The dog was in pain from us.  With so much cream on me, he was licking my feet like a lollipop.  What the hell am I going to do now?  I took Delia's ass and continued my work.  Thoughts kept running through my head, the dog kept licking my feet.  What are I doing here?  Group sex with the dog?  And give it to Delia and kill her a little more until she died completely and I didn't feel like having sex anymore.  - Delia, I'm going to take a shower.  I can't stand the cream and the hair on me anymore.  Let's wash, change the bedding and do it without cream.  - You go.  I change the bedding until I'm done.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2Well, come with me.  We take a bath together and maybe we will continue there, so that the dog doesn't jump in bed with us.  - I can't.  I can't take a shower with someone else.  Come on, I'll change the bedding.
 At first I thought he was making fun of me, but I couldn't stand the cream and body hair anymore, so I went to take a shower on my own.
 When I get out of the bathroom, I see Delia getting ready for the shower.  She wore a kind of old, white, cotton, hood or fur coat.
 "Come on, I'm coming over you," I say with a wicked smile on my face.  "Don't get caught," she says, visibly irritated.  We really quarreled.  - Bineeee!  Let us see.
 I sit in bed to go crazy in the shower.  When he closes the door, I hear him put a wooden chair next to the door.  What the hell is this doing?!?!?HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2I get out of bed and when I push in the door I see that the light in the bathroom was off.  The shower was still audible.  Imping in usa curious.  The chair was really propped up to make noise when I opened the door.  I hear a scream.  - GET OUT IMMEDIATELY!  TITIIII!  IEEEEESIII ACUUUUUMMM!
 I turn on the light and what do I see?  Delia had a sponge full of foam in her hand and a fork, or what the hell was that, full of foam like soap.
 - What are you doing?  Do you wash your clothes?
 I was actually fainting from laughter.  And imagine that it was the laughter of a 16-year-old kid.  That laugh that you can't stop when you know how your friends will react when you tell them what happened to you.
 And my Delia starts crying about the mother of fire, while she repeatedly rubs her chest with the sponge, as if she wanted to break her mother's fur from her.  Will you put me where I found this madwoman?HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2He came out of the shower as if nothing had happened.  I tried unsuccessfully to find out what her problem was, especially since the first day she invited me to her house, the parade completely naked in front of me and she had no problem being admired.  He didn't want to share any details about it with me, so I gave up asking.
 God!  And she was crying a lot.  He cried whenever you mentioned the name of the dead dog.  Tested by me.  She was crying when she heard the songs from the Backstreet Boys.  And the Backstreet Boys were on the radio every 10 minutes at the time.  Quit playing gameees with my hearrrt.  That was our song.  She decided.
 It didn't take more than two weeks from the shower phase until we broke up.  After that incident, I stayed with Delia just to see what else could happen.  I also tried to find out why she was so paraded in her head and why she had become such a whore at her age.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2I thought it was a rape that she told me about in a discussion.  But it wasn't.  The rape would have happened 6 months before she met us, and she was such a whore and a little paradise.  Anyway, I was lying a lot and I don't even believe in the rape phase.  He said he was abused by someone on the block's stairs.
 Then I found out he was her boyfriend back then.  And after that they were together.  And he didn't assault her.  He wanted to fuck her, and she said "no, no," that she was mad at him, but she really wanted to do it and make peace with him.  And he did not object.  She just said "no, nouuuuhhhhh" and pulled him deep inside her.  Do you understand what I'm saying?  He told me all this with tears in his eyes.
 In time, after dealing with life, I realized that her mother was to blame.  A parent who does not impose himself, when the situation requires it, in front of the child at an early age, is a parent who makes fun of the child's future.  The story has no moral.  Even the fact that her mother did not do her parental duty is not relevant.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 2Delia was crazy and liked sex.  And the dogs.  And he doesn't mind having sex in the smell of urine in the dog and javra in bed.  And I don't mean when I say shit.


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