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From the sexual experiences of Bucharest escorts

My adventures began at the age of 15, when the hormones of puberty went crazy.

My story begins in 1999, when you hooked girls with methods unimaginable today.  The only technology I had in those years to hang out with was the landline phone and the numbers of babes that your friends gave you, or made public by babes on pirate radio stations.
 A high school classmate tells me one day, during a discussion about hanging girls on pirate radio stations:
 - Bai Titi, I'll give you the number of a rascal.  A comrade of mine was combined with her, but he didn't fuck her.  Her name is Delia.  She's beautiful, she's about 19 years old.  We in the neighborhood suspect she's a whore, but she was too stupid to do anything about it.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1I took the number and contacted the girl.  Hahaha lol, where do you get my number from?  From a friend hehehe lol, I don't want to name blah blah blah.  Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!  Finally, after two or three days of endless phone conversations, I met Delia.
 At first glance, the girl was pretty cool.  She had curly hair that I obsessively played with whenever I had the chance, a doll girl, she was small in height.  Just the way I liked it.  She was a little plump, but I couldn't put her in the fat category.  It was a 6 by the standards of the day.  He could get a 7 very easily if he didn't have some of his front teeth missing (eaten by caries).  But that is irrelevant.  The girl knew how to be pleasant, she had a very cool attitude and she looked good "nice".HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1

The first meeting went normally, with a drink, a walk in the park, a drive home, a goodbye kiss and so on.  On the other hand, it didn't take long for Delia to make me an offer at the second meeting.

 - Titi, don't you want to go to me?  I'm alone and my mother doesn't come until late, after 10 o'clock

 Bingo!  Come on, I'm good, I thought, as I turned left in the direction of "her house" without even being able to answer her question.

 When I got to her house, I had the first unpleasant surprise.  He lived in a studio, with two dogs quite old and tall.  Dogs that were never taken out of the house.  I'm not kidding.  Delia did not take her dogs out of the house because she had the sequelae of the past with another dog that was trampled by the car in front of the block.  The pictures of the dead dog were everywhere in the room and I had to see with her the next meetings a photo album full of pictures of the dog.



One of the two dogs in the house was a fluffy wolf collie bitch (that bitch called us wolf dog - not the German shepherd) and had never left the studio.  The other one was a damn boxer who knows what and hadn't been taken out to defecate for 1 year.  As I entered the house, I was instantly struck by the smell of animal urine impregnated in everything in that room.  In the tiny hallway at the entrance were some dog shit, among which I made masterful milestones.
 I enter the room, I sit on the bed happy that he didn't make me take off my shoes at the entrance, and Delia sat on top of me and started kissing me with fire for a few minutes.  But just as passionate was the collie corcitura that jumped in bed and started to smell on my face and stick a tongue in my eyes, so tasteful.U
HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1Vaaaai Titiiiii!  I can't believe you like it!  Until now, he was making fun of all my friends I came home with.
 I'm full of dog dung and scum, what more can I say.  Not even the phrase "with all my friends" sounded so dubious to me at the time.  I sketched a smile, in my mind being the only thought that I would finish it in the end and at least go home with the job done.
 - Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
 - I'm so happy you can understand.  My mother won't believe me when I tell her.  He turned the corner and went to work.  And the job is done.  But it was difficult to solve, because I was thinking about the dog hair I had in my nose, eyes and mouth, and little Titi was no longer productive.  But I still went home with the attitude of a winner.  And with dog hair even between pieces.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1Normally my story had to end here and I avoided the babe for hygiene reasons.  But at that age, you didn't pay attention to anything when it came to pussy.  So I saw Delia for about a month.
 I got to know his mother.  His mother was the most permissive person I ever met.  So permissive that he came over us one day when we were riding and just said "ahh sorry, don't mind me", then he left the house and let us finish the job.  It was the second time I had met Delia's mother.
 I panicked when the woman came in the door and with all her excuses I tried to pull my pants on me as soon as possible.  Delia laughed with tears.  I was looking at her and I didn't understand why she didn't panic at all.
 - Relax.  Do you think this is the first time my mother has caught me like that?  - Did he catch you again?  I was curious about the situation.HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1- Daaaaa.  There was a time when he caught me like that almost every day.  3 years ago I was combined with a bald 2X year old full of muscles and tattoos, but he was a very nice boy and not violent at all.  He's now in jail for heroin trafficking.  And our mother always caught us here on the desk when we were shooting.  He really liked to give it to me on the desk for 7 hours.
 I was looking at the office, at the front door, at her.  The office was right across the street from the entrance.  Pff… even see me only live porn movies.  What a cool mom she has.  Good thing I escaped.  Ha!  A bald man with tattoos and muscles and look how skinny I am and he still fucks her.  Pfff, I'm really cool.  Did he do that 3 years ago?  He is 18 and a half years old.  15 years.  He was 15 then.  That was 15 years old with a chelion and full-lived trafficker and he didn't tell me anything?  How plm?  Brotherhood !!!HORMONES OF PUBERTY 1He started pointing at me.  As a child, I was disgusted by the panoramas, because my family imposed this on me through education.  Even though I had heard that Delia could be more slutty, I didn't imagine she was like that.  What should I know about women under the age of 16?


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