Japanese PERVERSIONS - 4

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Erotic stories

The final SURPRISE

 I was almost back to normal when the canary yellow girl brought me the coffee and juice I ordered.  I looked at the clock, exactly 45 minutes had passed since I sat down at the table, of which the massage and the blowjob, probably about 35 minutes.  I quickly drank the coffee, asked for the bill.  It was brought to me by a guy who spoke English and that's how I found out that all customers were charged 120 euros per hour regardless of whether they left early or not.  I thought it was a decent price compared to Japanese prices.

Japanese PERVERSIONS - 4 On the way home, the metro was very free so I took it, great miracle!!!  even a seat.  I was thinking about the pleasures felt, the novelty of the situation.  In the seats in front of me, two teenage boys were talking in whispers.  I noticed that they were holding hands like two lovers and had languid looks.  At one point they quickly kissed each other on the mouth and hurried downstairs.Japanese PERVERSIONS - 4

 Suddenly I froze with fear.  Who had been with me under the table, a woman or a boy from this???  I'll never know!


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