Why is he cheating on women?

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Many men wonder what is the main reason why women cheat.


A recent study showed that men do this because they are not emotionally satisfied.  So what's the reason for women?


The fairer sex is not very open about couple communication and, when it is a problem, they prefer to shut themselves in and suffer in silence.  And this aspect often leads to separation.  Experts say that some women prefer to take refuge in the arms of another man.Why is he cheating on women?


The main reason why women cheat is that they no longer love the person or feel loved


Here are other causes that cause women to have a double life:


They no longer have self-confidence


Neglected by their partners, some women no longer have self-confidence, so they feel the need for a return.  Therefore, try to conquer other men to be sure of their charm again.


They are not sexually fulfilled

Why is he cheating on women?

If sexual activity does not fully satisfy them, look for something better elsewhere.  Women have a problem with expressing feelings and dissatisfaction, so she will never talk about what kind of touch she likes or how she wants to be satisfied.  And because sexual intercourse is a very important part of a relationship, such an error is fatal to the couple.


Because they want revenge


If a woman has been cheated on by her partner in the past, she wants to answer him with the same coin, so she cheats on him with the first man she knows.  Most likely, even if it is not intentional, she will still suffer.


The relationship is far too monotonous


We kept talking about avoiding the installation of monotony in married life.  Sexual experiments and erotic toys can change a lot.  Lack of attention from the partner can be another reason why the woman seeks relief elsewhere.Why is he cheating on women?


However, there are also women who cheat because they feel good in this position.  They like to play with people's lives and feelings, they are cunning, but in the end they hide a trauma from the past.


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