When to have sex with your new boyfriend

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You broke up with your boyfriend and for a while you were alone, but now you have found a new partner and you want to move on to the next step.  Find out how to act if you want him in your bed, how fast to give in and what you need to know about him before you take the plunge.


U.S. researchers have conducted a survey on the subject.  They selected 2 million women from different backgrounds and ages and tested them.  You can find the results below.


When you can have sex with your new boyfriend

When to have sex with your new boyfriend

You really like him and it's been a long time since you've had sex.  But is it okay to give up right away?  The American study shows that most women wait until the third date to go to bed with their partner.


Get to know him better


Because you never know what to expect, and you've roasted once before, open your eyes wide before you put a new man in your bed!  Gynecologists draw attention to possible very dangerous sexually transmitted diseases that your new partner may have and you may not know about them.  It would be advisable to go to the doctor together and do tests together.


Talk openly with him, ask him things you don't usually want to know, but you can tell by his character.  And in the end, the fact that you are interested in his person might make him like you even more.


First night of love ...

When to have sex with your new boyfriend

You've decided it's worth a try!  Remember, however, that the first night of love has a permanent effect on the couple, so do not try your sexual experiments with erotic toys, etc. at first.  The study above shows that, for the first time, couples choose the position of the missionary and that of the woman above.  Oral sex comes in only third place.


Don't be afraid if you don't have an orgasm!  In general, the first night is faster because of desire and abstinence, so the foreplay is set aside.


Here is a short list of guidelines on how not to behave in bed with your new boyfriend:

• Don't compare him to your ex!

When to have sex with your new boyfriend

• Don't forget about protection and don't let the "wave" drive you.

• Communicate, tell him how you want to be touched, what you like, ask him what makes him happy too.

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