What should you say to a naked man?

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Surely all women know that their mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to arousing their partner.  But we can be sure that the following never said ...


Men always complain that they would like their partners to talk more in bed.  One of the most important things that excites men is to see their partner feel good, so it wouldn't hurt to hear that from their mouths.What should you say to a naked man?


Verbal communication with the partner during sexual intercourse is one of their strongest desires.  I die of pleasure when I hear my partner verbally unleashing himself in bed.  It's exciting for him to tell you exactly what you want, how you want to do it and more.


Men claim to be big fans of dirty talk.  So here's what you should tell your partner when you're in bed.

• "Wow, you look amazing lately"

• "Just looking at you makes me go crazy"

• "I've been thinking about you all day and right now."

• "I can't wait to feel you inside me."What should you say to a naked man?

• "Wait, I want to look at you better and remember every detail of your body."

• "We will definitely leave the light on tonight"

• "How do I decide where to kiss you first?"What should you say to a naked man?

Do you want a much better sex life? Then show it and tell your partner how you feel about him and how much you want him.


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