Vibrators - the secret of happy women

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 If Fat-Frumos is late to appear, don't despair!  Until the dream man appears, console yourself with a vibrator.


Large, simple, short, thick, transparent, colorful, with or without spikes, the vibrators are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and prices.


The vibrator, a reliable helpVibrators - the secret of happy women


Over the years, vibrators have evolved from simple cylinders to as varied and interesting shapes as possible, with the most modern looking like true works of contemporary art.  And the functions they offer have evolved significantly, to upset women's senses.


The material from which most vibrators are made is one that perfectly mimics human skin, but you can also find vibrators made of silicone, latex or metal.


You should also know that the vibrator is useful both in a "bachelor" house and in a home with a happy couple - it's a good way for you and your boyfriend to spice up your sex life a bit.


Most vibrators are for women, some of which can also be used by men (more and more models appear exclusively for men).


The vibrator intensifies sexual life and is a real help for people who have difficulty reaching orgasm.


Vibrators are used by about a third of couples.  Many women today can no longer concentrate and are distracted from sex.  The vibrator comes to their aid and makes them feel the arousal and orgasm again.  It also has a medical role, being a treatment for hysterical people or to prevent blood congestion in the uterus.Vibrators - the secret of happy women


The life of the vibrator is at least three months.  Before first use, it is recommended to check the vibrator carefully to see if it is scratched or cracked and if the motor is working properly.  Make sure it has the proper batteries (and if they are charged).


Vibrators should be cleaned after each use to prevent infection.


The plastic ones are cleaned with alcohol, the silicone ones with antiseptics or boiled.


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