The muscle of love

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Do you think there is a connection between sports and sexuality?  If you are in good physical condition, do you think you can have a better sex life?  Definitely the answer is YES!  There are many connections between sport and sexuality, but this time we will talk exclusively about muscles and love ... about the muscle of love more precisely.The muscle of love


The pubococcygeus muscle or popularly called "love muscle" is found in both sexes and is located in the genital-anal area, from the pubis to the coccyx.  It is responsible for closing the urethra and rectum and plays an important role in obtaining sexual pleasure.  The stronger and more well-functioning this muscle is, the stronger the contractions are and the more intense the pleasure.  The muscle of love can be controlled voluntarily;  there are even some specific exercises (Kegel exercises) through which we can maintain its shape, tone and function.


If the pubococcygeus muscle is not "trained", problems such as urinary incontinence (leaking urine during a crazy laugh, for example), difficulty starting or stopping urine flow, more severe PMS, prostate problems, bladder may occur.  and left uterus, accelerates the processes of sexual degeneration (erectile problems, decreased ejaculation force, weakened vaginal muscles).The muscle of love


So in order to make the most of this muscle, you need to train it.  The exercises you need to do are called Kegel and involve contracting this muscle for two seconds, then relaxing it for the same amount of time.  You should not involve your abdominal or buttocks muscles during Kegel exercises.  That is why the sitting position is the most suitable.  Repeat the technique for 2-3 minutes, several times a day, at home, at the office or in the car, and after about two months you will have remarkable results.  This way your sexual pleasure can be controlled as your muscle wants!


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