The Most Important Things Teenagers Should Know About Sex

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All about sex

For a teenager, just thinking about sex is overwhelming.  There are so many sex-related things a teenager can think of, so many things to fear, and so many things that can go wrong.


Whether you are sexually active or not, your growing knowledge of sex is very important.


So sex is:

• Both physically and mentally.The Most Important Things Teenagers Should Know About Sex

• Risky.  You may become pregnant, you may become infected with a sexually transmitted disease (which you may never get rid of), you may be in a relationship with a broken heart and a wrinkled ego, or you may feel forgotten and depressed.  when everything is over.

• Irreversible.  You have only one chance to lose your virginity and you should make every effort to make sure that the memory will be a pleasant one and that the time you make this decision is a good one for you and your partner.

• Perfect, when it is an expression of feelings between two people.


Sex is not:The Most Important Things Teenagers Should Know About Sex

• A way to make someone love you or make a commitment to you.

• A way to measure your maturity.

• A test of love or devotion to your partner.

• A way to take revenge on your parents or to assert your independence from them.

• A hobby.

• Always enjoyable and fun.  There will be times when, if you do not take into account the consequences, you will wonder if it was worth it.


Remember: When you have sex for the wrong reasons, there are only negative consequences!The Most Important Things Teenagers Should Know About Sex


If you are sexually active, there are some very important things you should know about sexual intercourse itself.  There are so many things that should worry you when you have sex, much more important than "am I good at what I do", which, on top of that, worries young people the most (but not only).


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