The ages of a woman's love

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 It is said that 20 years is the age of love.  But in fact, love is a permanence in our lives.  We fall in love and love at any age.


But, at 40, do we love as much as we do at 18?  Why, at some point, do we want something else, are we no longer satisfied with what our love affair offers us?  Maybe because, as any woman evolves biologically, intellectually, emotionally, and love has its ages, from the first thrills of adolescence to the passionate and deep feelings of maturity.  At any age, in a love relationship we look for fidelity, respect, availability from the partner.  But how and in what proportions?The ages of a woman's love


How is love at 18-20 years old


During this period of late adolescence or youth, the woman begins to mature, but is still in a period of searching for new experiences.  Her love is full of enthusiasm, gradually learning to love deeply and nuanced.  The desire to have a partner is sometimes more important than the partner himself.  At the same time, he wants to have fun, to broaden his circle of knowledge and to enroll in a certain professional orbit.  Breaking up a relationship may not matter much;  the end of one relationship can be synchronized with the beginning of another.


What does love mean at 20?


Common concerns: more important than giving is the sharing of interests;  we are looking for a partner who will drive away boredom and offer us something new.


Romance: it is an age when the woman asks her partner to offer her romantic moments, flowers at every meeting, dinner for two by candlelight, declarations and love letters.The ages of a woman's love


Relative selectivity: any nice young man who compliments us is a possible relationship;  however, at 20 we are not willing to compromise.  One wrong step of the partner can make us completely reconsider our attitude towards him.


Idealism: it is the age at which we look for the ideal man;  every time we fall in love, "he" seems to be the great love.  It would be good, however, not to give in to the will of fantasies, because we might look for an unattainable ideal, which inevitably leads to disappointments.


A possible danger: in the case of a marriage concluded at this age, often the hopes and enthusiasm of the beginning can quickly turn into reproaches and disappointments, for the simple reason that reality no longer meets expectations.


Love at 25 years old


At this age, the increase in the level of emotional, sexual and social maturation has its say.  After the period of experience, we are looking for a relationship that will last and that will give us balance and stability.  The professional career is an element that should not be neglected, offering a certain financial independence and the promise of an adequate social status.


What does love mean at 25?The ages of a woman's love


Anchoring in reality: the period of idealism is over;  previous experience makes it possible to create a realistic scale of values.


Selectivity: the woman knows herself better;  she is more aware of her own desires and needs, being able to make choices according to clear criteria and not be influenced by first impressions.


Fidelity: the integrity of the partner is one of the most important elements of a lasting relationship, providing clues about the availability and reciprocity of the relationship.


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