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You became a mother.  Things seem to be going well in the family, but in the bedroom, misunderstandings arise.  How to get back to the situation before birth?  Here are some ideas.


Do not exasperate!  During pregnancy, the muscles, tissues and ligaments in the genital area suffer contusions that require a certain period of time to recover.  In addition, childbirth brings some emotional changes, such as decreased self-confidence, but also sexual appetite.  Therefore, it takes several months for things to return to normal.Sex life after birth


6 weeks without sexual intercourse (until after the postnatal examination)


Doctors recommend that a woman not have sex until after the postnatal medical examination, which takes place 6 weeks after birth.  Even then, if you feel unprepared for sex, you don't have to feel guilty.  Talk to your partner and he will definitely understand you.


Not having penetrative sex does not mean lack of sexSex life after birth


You can feel good together and in a different way.  However, doctors say that oral sex offered to women is also forbidden because a bacterium can be inserted into the vagina, which involves a major infection.  Then, because the man can insert an air bubble into the vagina, which will assimilate in the uterus and can lead to aeroembolism, a fatal condition.  So be very careful!


Lack of free time is another problem after birth.  Surely you will both feel exhausted, so you will not feel like each other.  It is best to communicate, to share your feelings and not to worry about your partner.


Sex after birth


Have sex when you have a quiet moment, and not in a hurry.  When the baby is asleep and you are not exhausted, you can also think about your intimate life.  Because lubrication will be a problem after birth, specialists recommend water-based lubricant.


Choose a position through which the woman can control the depth and rhythm of penetration.


Don't forget about contraception, because a pregnancy can occur at any time and if you don't want another one, choose a condom.Sex life after birth


Postpartum depression is common in new mothers and affects a lot of interest in sex and partner.  A treatment from a specialist is the best solution here.


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