Questions you don't have the courage to ask your gynecologist

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When it comes to sexual health, many women realize that they don't know them all.  The person with whom a woman can talk openly about any sexual and health issues should be a gynecologist.  But there are also people who show shyness when they are in front of the doctor and fail to talk openly about certain issues.



Active and fulfilled sex life has many benefits that not only bring us pleasure, but also positively influence our health.  But this "fulfillment" takes into account many factors and even a simple urinary tract infection can be enough to destroy your sex life.


1. Vaginal infections are common and I can't figure out whyQuestions you don't have the courage to ask your gynecologist


Vaginal infections are not unknown and almost all women face this problem at least once in their lifetime.  If you frequently experience vaginal infections then you need to be careful about everything you do because there are many possible causes that can lead to this infection.  From the way you wash, what intimate hygiene products you use, what absorbents, to the underwear you wear and the medications you take, all of which can contribute to the infection.


More than three infections a year require close consultation with a gynecologist, and a urine culture should be performed, which should be shown if these symptoms do not actually indicate bacterial vaginosis.  By applying the right treatment and following it, the infection disappears quickly.


2. Sometimes, during sex, I feel sharp pain in the lower abdomen


No need to worry.  Before ovulation, the ovaries are more sensitive and sexual intercourse leads to this pain.  Such a symptom can also be found in the case of mittelschmerz, which many women may suffer from and which involves the feeling of abdominal pain around the ovulation period.Questions you don't have the courage to ask your gynecologist


One of the most common causes of this problem is a dry vagina.  It is recommended that you make sure you are aroused before penetration or that you and your partner try a water-based lubricant.  The condoms you use can also be a cause.  You may be allergic to latex or spermicide.  If despite these changes you still do not feel an improvement, go to the doctor, it may be an infection.


If you experience such pain several times a month, then consult your gynecologist, it may be a more serious condition such as endometriosis, a gynecological condition that is often misdiagnosed and is in the top three of the list.  conditions that can lead to infertility.  Discovered in time, this condition can be treated.


3. I have an unpleasant odor and sometimes I even feel a slight sting.  I take frequent showers and yet I can't get rid of these sensations


Many women may experience this problem and should not feel embarrassed because it is a common problem.  The cause of these symptoms is a decrease in the pH of the vagina.  Normally, the level of natural acidity of the vagina should be kept between 3.8 and 4.5.  Sexual contact, menstruation, contraceptives, all can contribute to the imbalance of the vaginal flora and in this case proper hygiene of the intimate area is necessary and can be a real help soaps for the intimate area that remove discomfort and maintain a healthy level of vaginal pH.  .  If these problems do not go away, then it may be an infection and it is necessary to consult a doctor for a detailed consultation.Questions you don't have the courage to ask your gynecologist


4. If I have sex while menstruating, does it have any consequences?


If you have an orgasm, then your period may be shorter.  At the beginning of menstruation, there are contractions that help remove blood and lumps from the lining of the uterus.  And an orgasm also involves a contraction, which is much stronger, so menstruation can be more abundant immediately afterwards and thus end faster than would normally have happened.


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