Love at the age of 30

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This period of a woman's life is characterized by emotional stability.  At the height of femininity, desires are more clearly ranked.


We need the emotional support of our partner, respect and loyalty.  We learn to forgive the small mistakes of the partner, out of the desire for the couple's relationship to evolve favorably.  Women who have not yet found a suitable partner for a long-term relationship may experience feelings of panic.  This feeling is more and more acute, especially since they want family and children.  A possible danger: Situation at one of the extremes: either unjustifiably demanding in choosing the partner, or, on the contrary, the inclination towards unconditional acceptance of the partner.Love at the age of 30


What does love mean at 30?


Adjustments of the scale of values: in order to find the right partner or to maintain the desired relationship, we are willing to make sacrifices and compromises, which involves building a new attitude towards oneself or towards the partner;  the requirements for it may change or be reshaped.


Communication: The mature woman needs first of all communication - spiritual, emotional, sexual - especially since this is a way of settling the conflicts inherent in a couple.  Moreover, the love affair becomes a way of coexistence through intercommunication.


Mutual giving: becoming a mother and a wife, the woman gives herself, expecting the same attitude from her partner;  she wants her partner to give her a sense of uniqueness.


Love at 40 years oldLove at the age of 30


Maturity translates into accomplishments, accomplishments, or wisdom in the face of inevitable failures.  The emotional "dowry" of the woman is enriched and therefore the sharing of the same previous experiences strengthens the connection with the partner.  Communication continues to be very important in the couple.  However, there is a certain inflexibility of the attitude towards the changes that a new relationship can bring.  The material part or the common preoccupations lose their importance, but this is doubled by the maximum involvement and investment of the soul in the family.


Due to the biological-hormonal substrate specific to the period, frequent states of malaise and anxiety are registered.  On the same background of physical discomfort, a slight identity crisis can occur, caused by the approach of menopause.


What does love mean at 40?


Balance: love is no longer as passionate or enthusiastic, but the feelings deepen, are nuanced.


Sincerity: life together or similar experiences in the past make it unnecessary and undesirable to dodge your partner or hide obvious truths.


Romance: love knows a new romantic period, demanding tenderness and attention from your partner.


A possible danger: Great inflexibility in the way we understand the world and those close to us.


After 50 yearsLove at the age of 30


At this age when most women have started menopause, sexuality may be restricted, but this does not mean extinguishing love or emotional availability.  It is the age at which the woman is more and more afraid of loneliness and feels the need to live with her partner the same events and states.


At all ages, love is the expression of being found in the other;  it responds to the need to communicate with the world.


When we are in love, we project ourselves into a new world, in which the wealth of the loved one seems inexhaustible.  Whether we fall in love at 18 or 40, a unique relationship is created, in which we live the joy of a rebirth.


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