How do you know if a woman is good in bed?

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The idea of ​​"good in How do you know if a woman is good in bed?bed" differs depending on the personal experience of each of us, man or woman.  Moreover, men have varied and very interesting opinions about a woman's skill during sex.  However, we can distinguish some unanimously accepted ideas: experienced men consider a good woman in bed to be the one who manages to surprise them with something new while keeping her charm.


Sexual performance is an important criterion when men choose their partner.  Fortunately for them, there are some clues that can tell if they have a real "beast" in front of them or just a shy beginner.


First kiss


Kissing is perhaps one of the few cases in which you can rely on the first impression.  This act considered extremely intimate and full of meaning is the prelude to the moments of passion that will follow.  If she manages and leaves a good impression on you, there are great chances that she will amaze you in bed.


How it moves


When you are looking for a passionate partner, don't be fooled by your figure.  Qualities like flexibility, which can make a man in bed happy, have nothing to do with how fat or thin he is.  It is relevant if he goes to the gym, if he practices a sport or if he likes to exercise.  This could be an indication that she has skills such as elasticity and coordination, qualities that could prove invaluable in bed.


How to dressHow do you know if a woman is good in bed?


Even clothes can tell you something about what they think about you.  If she shows up at the meeting dressed in pants, in "translation" she wants to tell you that, for the moment, her intimate area is not accessible.


Body language


Decoding nonverbal messages is very important when it comes to sexuality.  Even her smallest gesture can mean something.  If he touches you, apparently by chance, under the table or finds some excuse to get his hands on your arm, it is a good sign: the idea of ​​a potential physical contact does not scare her, on the contrary, it excites her.  If she stands up, this defensive position represents the fears she may have about the relationship.  Unconsciously, she tries to protect her private area.


Favorite gestures of a good woman in bed


Don't say NO to challenges or at least don't say a definite NO at first.  Men love to be listened to with interest in bedding and are excited to see that their girlfriend is interested in including their suggestions in the "menu".


He doesn't make a sex game a mechanical act but a pleasure always different and that means he doesn't take things too seriously, he doesn't cling to clichés, he enjoys the moment and always tries something new, maybe he even invents for the moment.How do you know if a woman is good in bed?


She leaves the light on and lies down like a cat next to her boyfriend without thinking about defects and impediments that may not even exist.


She enters the sex shop like in any other store and is not shy to choose, alone or with her boyfriend, the objects that bring novelties in their sexual life.


He is not shy to initiate oral sex, whether he offers it or receives it, and this drives even the most pretentious man crazy.


Read articles and books with and about sex, love, successful relationships and do well because statistics come to encourage this practice.  It seems that women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who do not accept this type of literature.


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