How do you know he wants to leave you?

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Men are more reserved when it comes to "slippers".  However, if he feels that the relationship between you is not on an ascending plane, it is clear that neither of them will stop to think and will say goodbye to you, in one way or another.


How can you predict that she won't want to be together anymore?  Read the warning signs below:


Quarrel over anything!How do you know he wants to leave you?


If he finds trivial reasons to quarrel and makes a fuss about anything, it's clear that something is bothering him about you.  Through this behavior, he either wants to make you make the big decision or to feel guilty after he gave you your slippers.


"I need space"


When he tells you this, it doesn't mean you have to take some furniture out of the bedroom.  Maybe it's time for you to move!  Even if these expressions are painful, it is better to think seriously about what you will do because it is clear that he is bothered by something in your behavior.  Talk openly about what is happening between you and reach a consensus!


She doesn't want to have sex anymore


It is clear that in this case it is a problem because, let's be serious, what man doesn't want sex ?!  And that doesn't mean men are women, it's testosterone that's to blame!  The fact that he no longer wants to have sex with you means either that you are no longer attracted to him from this point of view, or he has a medical problem, or he is cheating on you.


He cares more about his physical appearanceHow do you know he wants to leave you?


He buys new clothes, he arranges himself, but not when he is with you.  A person who wants to make a new relationship and get rid of the old one, cares more about his physical appearance.  Be very careful!


It is possible that by knowing these signs, you can save your relationship if you know how to talk to him and review your behavior.  If there's nothing left for you to do, go ahead!  The pond is full of fish, as a Romanian proverb says!


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