Heels and sex

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Heels and sex Heels are very useful!  Women who wear heels feel more pleasure when they have sex and reach orgasm faster, recently demonstrated the Italian urologist Maria Angela Cerruto.


High-heeled shoes have more advantages than we would have imagined.  Besides the fact that they lengthen our figure and transform our legs, it seems that they also improve our sexual life!Heels and sex


Maria Cerruto, a urologist in Italy, found that heels strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, a key factor in women's sexual life, responsible for gaining satisfaction.  Cerruto himself wears heels every day because he loves it and because he discovered this advantage after conducting research on 66 women under the age of 50.


"Women often have trouble performing Kegel exercises, so high heels may be the best solution," she said.  The urologist recommends heels of at least 5 centimeters, and the benefits do not seem to be limited to improving sexual life.


The specialist claims that the bladder works better, as does the uterine one, and the intestinal activity is stimulated in women who choose to wear heels instead of flat-soled shoes.Heels and sex


So, for a good sex life, you don't need complicated yoga exercises, but a heel walk is enough!  Few people know that heels were invented by Leonardo da Vinci, who is now proving to be a great sex expert in addition to all the other genius traits.


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