Flirting tactics that men love

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Have you set your eyes on a man and want him to be yours?  Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of it.


Take him by the arm and tell him something!

Flirting tactics that men love

Take him by the arm and tell him everything from a simple greeting to a compliment, it doesn't matter.  But do it as openly as possible and with a smile on your face.  Your smile is irresistible, and he won't need any other signs to convince you that you're interested in him.  You can't go wrong with this tactic.  Basically, you throw the ball in his court instead of letting him struggle to get your attention.


Tease him discreetly


Be spontaneous and playful and you will get it ready.  Rest assured that she doesn't want to talk about philosophy at first, since she's relaxing in a bar on Saturday night.  Leave the serious discussions for another time and tease him lightly, joke, make him laugh because this is how endorphins are released and a closeness is created between you that will allow you to develop a potential relationship.


Just pay attention to him


A successful rule in the art of flirting requires that you pay attention to the questions he asks you and make sure that he, in turn, has the opportunity to talk to you about him.  And how can he do that if you're not interested?  Ask him questions and listen to him, taking care to punctuate something from time to time, so that he knows that you are present not only with the body, but also with the mind.



Flirting tactics that men love

Men love to be complimented.  They want to know if they meet women's standards and if their attempts to please them bear fruit.  So, don't hesitate to tell him what you like about him through compliments meant to strengthen his trust in him.


Magic touch


Show them that you are physically available by touching them lightly on the arm, leg, or back.  Do not exaggerate, however, because an overly aggressive approach may imply that you are pursuing something specific and in addition, the tension created between you is dissipated, giving it too much, too soon.


Imitate him


Of course, don't overdo it, because if you notice that you are doing this on purpose, it can be ridiculous.  If he leans toward you, do the same.  This creates the impression that you are on the same wavelengthPoFlirting tactics that men love

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