Five mistakes men make in relationships

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Every relationship is special, because every individual is unique.  However, we can identify some common lines that lead to the failure of many relationships.  Although most of the time both partners are to blame when it comes to their behavior towards each other, now we will focus on the worst mistakes that men are guilty of!


1. I don't understand what my partner expects from them


Men refuse to understand that women go through a completely different process when it comes to physical attraction.  It's simple for men: they feel that sexual chemistry instantly.  Women, on the other hand, are a little different.  They study each other's body language, and if the messages you send aren't the right ones, you don't want to have a chance to flirt with her.Five mistakes men make in relationships


2. Always try to be "nice"


It is proven that women are attracted to bad boys.  If you hope to be taken seriously and always "caught", give up "good friend" behavior and try to steal more from men like George Clooney, Adam Levine and James Franco.Five mistakes men make in relationships


3. I always ask for my partner's opinion and advice


In general, if you are going to turn to your partner for any small change, because you are not able to make a decision on your own, know that you will not have too many chances to lead the relationship.  And that's because a woman likes to sit next to a real man, able to protect her and think about her decisions with two moves before, like chess.


4. They do absolutely everything they want


Never do whatever your chosen heart desires.  It's a safe way to lose it.  And that's because her spirit of conquest needs to be challenged from time to time, and you don't help her at all if you put everything on her plate.  Let her fight for what she wants.


5. I put my feelings on the tray at the beginning of the relationshipFive mistakes men make in relationships


Refrain!  You will know when is the right time!  If you put your feelings on the line from the beginning of the relationship, you will most likely scare her and she will look for a quick way to end the relationship with you.


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