Early menstruation, depression in adolescence!

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Early menstruation is a common problem among young teenagers today.


Civilization, poor nutrition and hormonal disorders are the most important factors that cause premature menstruation and forced maturation of the body.


What is the normal age for menstruation?Early menstruation, depression in adolescence!


Girls who start menstruating before the age of 12 will definitely be depressed in adolescence, say British specialists.


The study was conducted by more than 2,000 girls.  The main objective was to determine a link between the symptoms of depression installed at various ages: 10 and a half years, 13 and 14 years.


The results of the study showed that in girls who had their first period before 11.5 years, the level of symptoms of depression is very high at the ages of 13 and 14, and girls who had their first period after 13 and a half years have a  very low level of depressive symptoms.


In fact, specialists have noticed that girls who mature earlier are more isolated, are not able to cope with hormonal changes and are obviously more vulnerable.Early menstruation, depression in adolescence!


Problems related to the early onset of menstruation


Early menstruation also affects young women from a social point of view.  Specifically, quarrels with parents are very common, even if they were not accustomed before this situation.


On the other hand, the desire to have a romantic relationship is more and more intense.  The conclusion of this study was that as maturation slows hormonally, stress levels decrease.


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