Do you want glowing skin? Sex is the solution!

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All about sex

Sex improves the appearance of the skin, the skin in general, is the conclusion of dermatologists in Boston.  The heart speeds up during sex, which leads to improved circulation.

The blood is pumped efficiently through the vessels, delivering oxygen and nutrients to all organs.  This is the idea that the specialists came up with after carefully studying the effects of sex on the body and skin.Do you want glowing skin?  Sex is the solution!


Good blood circulation = health and beautiful skin!


Why?  Researchers say that many anti-aging ingredients - antioxidants, vitamins and peptides will be delivered to the cells in your body.  Thus, they will easily reach the level of your skin and will give it an interesting shine and more color.

You've certainly looked at yourself in the mirror at least once after a sex game.  Red cheeks, glowing skin and almond-shaped eyes - all are the effects of hormones, more precisely endorphins - the hormones of happiness.

If you want to get amazing results on your skin, you need vasodilators and sex.  From the range of vasodilators, which are responsible for the beautiful color of the skin, you have caffeine, cinnamon, sage and hot pepper, but sex seems to beat them all.  We do not say it, but the specialists.Do you want glowing skin?  Sex is the solution!

Some women prefer cosmetics.  Caffeine-based skin care creams, for example, cause heat in the area where they are applied, so the blood rises to the surface, but over time, they clog pores and give rise to acne or other dermatological problems.  Sex, on the other hand, is effective and, why not admit it, enjoyable!


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