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Very often, within a couple, difficulties appear due to poor communication.  Even if they hear each other, the partners do not listen to each other.


This is the main ingredient of love failures.  The ability to be a good listener is not innate, they are acquired and improved throughout life, depending on a multitude of factors that influence human behavior.  Thus, sex is one of the elements on which people's ability to be good listeners depends.  Quotes like "Rather than talk to me, my boyfriend would rather watch a football game" or "My girlfriend would rather talk to her friends on the phone than sit with me" are often on the lips of many  people.


By a generalization it can be said that men and women grow up, mature and learn to communicate with each other in completely different ways.  It is not for nothing that it is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus.  If they manage to make time to listen to each other, they will run into another problem: the difficulty of deciphering the messages sent by the partner. This is because men and women communicate with each other through incompatible means.Communication with your partner


There is compatibility between the two sexes in terms of communication until a long-term relationship "intervenes", at which point the differences in the approach to communication will be best felt.  Men and women have their own values ​​based on the issues that affect the couple, from those related to stress to emotional ones.


Men tend not to express their feelings


The men appear calm and detached, but when the tension tightens inside them, they explode into real demonstrations of anger.


Women express their moods more easily and more often


Although the woman is by nature a sensitive and communicative person, she will express her feelings more often, but with less intensity.Communication with your partner


The main idea of ​​all theories related to communication in a relationship is that partners must learn to communicate freely and openly with each other:

• The expression of feelings and feelings is important and in this sense the accusatory formulas, the insults towards the other should be avoided.  If you feel that you can no longer cope with the anger that has gripped you, it would be best to avoid, for a few moments, your partner's company.  Wait to calm down before starting the conversation with him so that there is no possibility to say words that you will later regret.  Express your feelings, whatever they may be, but don't start characterizing your partner's big days.  For example, instead of "You annoy me terribly, you acted like a fool!"  You might say, "I'm upset. Your behavior hurt me."

• An argument is not a competition in which the winner will quietly enjoy his "success".  Life is not a game and no one gets a second chance.  An argument must solve a problem, not establish a score between partners.  If you have viable arguments, expose them, but do not aspire to shout louder than your partner, to have the last word, to force him to do as you say, etc.  Think carefully about whether the purpose of the argument is to resolve a misunderstanding or just get the title of "dominator" in the relationship.Communication with your partner

• Put yourself in your partner's shoes and try to understand things from his or her perspective.  This can be a very difficult exercise for some people because they cannot give up their place in the center of the universe for even a second.  By being able to see things from a different angle than yours, you will not only show maturity, but you will also be able to understand the other's reactions and a possible conflict will be much easier to resolve


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