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As I said before, vibrators fall into many, many categories.  Among the most important and most sought after are:


1. The first category is that of mini-vibrators.  These vibrators can be up to 14 cm and of variable diameter.  They can have different gears and know exactly where to go to cause a shocking orgasm.Categories of vibrators


2. Classic vibrators are used exclusively for vaginal penetration.  Likewise, variable lengths and sizes, ranging from long and thin, to short and thick but also long and thick.


3. Anal vibrators are usually smaller in diameter for reasons of strict elasticity.  These vibrators perfectly replace the partner, often having different gears.


4. G-spot stimulators - Let the senses reach ecstasy with these vibrators that are specially made to go straight to the target: G-spot.


5. Realistic vibrators are made exclusively from a revolutionary material that perfectly mimics human skin, both in texture and elasticity.


6. Clitoral vibrators are made both for penetration but with the help of another device attached to the normal vibrator it stimulates the clitoris at the same time for maximum effect.Categories of vibrators


7. Double vibrators have become extremely sought after by the simple fact that no man can penetrate both a woman's vagina and anus at the same time, but these vibrators can.


8. Strap-on vibrators are nothing more than a pair of briefs to which different models of vibrators are attached, even double vibrators, for incredible lesbian pleasures.


9. Vibrating eggs are oval-shaped mini vibrators used both to stimulate the clitoris and to penetrate.


10. Waterproof vibrators are vibrators from any of the categories listed above but can also be used in the shower or bathtub.


How is the vibrator used?Categories of vibrators



When you find the right vibrator, don't rush!


Create a relaxing atmosphere (put on music, set a higher temperature in the room and make sure no one can interrupt you) to properly explore your fantasies!


It is best to introduce the vibrator to your clitoris and vagina slowly so that the arousal is as deep as possible.  As with normal sex, it is best to start with foreplay, massage your thighs and breasts.

As the arousal increases, the most erogenous zones are ready for the wonderful vibrations.


Before using the vibrator, lubricate both the lower and upper lips of the vulva, the opening of the vulva and the perineum.


Applying enough lubricant will save your genitals from small wounds caused by rubbing.


You can stay in the bedroom or move to the bathroom where you can sit quietly (in this second option make sure your vibrator is water resistant or even underwater).


You can also watch an adult movie: it's easier to get into the atmosphere and your body prepares easier.Categories of vibrators


Let your imagination run wild: it is very important to relax!


You can make small sounds to add a little spice to this condition and move your thighs to the rhythm of your breathing.  If the vibration is too strong you can use a towel between the vibrator and the clitoris.


At first, experiment with different positions of the vibrator, starting at lower speeds.  Tighten and relax the vaginal muscles in the rhythm of the pelvic movement.  Many women consider the clitoral orgasm stronger when using double-acting vibrators (vagina - clitoris).


For the use of torque vibrators, communication between partners is essential.  There are many vibrators on the market and they must be chosen so that they correspond to everyone's wishes.  If both partners agree, the vibrator plays a very important role in the foreplay.  They bring something new into the sex life and turn it into a colorful and unforgettable experience.Categories of vibrators

The vibrators have been, are and probably will be further challenged by men, who are offended by the appearance of such a "machine" in the house.

But, with a little help from his girlfriend, every man can come to consider the vibrator a reliable help, not a rival.


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