Belly men are the best in bed

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A recent study at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, showed that overweight men are slightly more resilient in bed than thin men.Belly men are the best in bed


According to research, men who have a regular exercise program and go to the gym and to keep fit are prone to premature ejaculation and impotence.


The explanation is that men who are overweight also have high levels of female hormones in the body, and this influences their sexual performance, helping them to resist longer.


Researchers believe that there was an amazing case of a man weighing over 150 kilograms who lasted about six hours before ejaculation.


The results of the study show that overweight men last an average of about 7.3 minutes during intercourse, while men who do not have weight problems last no more than a minute and a half.Belly men are the best in bed


So, don't reject fat men from the start in favor of those who work at the gym because you don't know what you're losing.


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