10 steps to help you figure out if you're gay

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In the past, homosexuality was considered against human nature. Although not much has changed to this day, there is still a straightening of conceptions of people who are attracted to same-sex individuals.10 steps to help you figure out if you're gay


For those with a sense of humor, here are some fun ideas on how to realize you're gay:

1 If you like to use a foundation

2 to "hide wrinkles or pimples" should give you food for thought.

3 If you appreciate a woman's hairstyle because, for example, she curled her hair to one side or used a light gray shade for strands, you have no choice.


5 If you go to the gym just to watch what the boys are doing, while lifting weights for your arms or buttocks, you may want to "steal" some tips ... or NOT!


7 If you go with a small car, it means you have no better money.  But if you accessorized it with snowflakes or green dashes, it does not mean that you are an ecologist, but that you are gay.


9 If you have a Chihuahua, instead of a Rottweiler, you are gay.  If you put her clothes on and styled her hair on one side, you have no escape.  You can enter the Paris Hilton's BFF contest


11 If you listen to soul or retro music non-stop and cry at least once on the Titanic, you're not romantic, you're gay.10 steps to help you figure out if you're gay


13 If your ring finger is at the same level as your index finger, you're gay.


15 If you have a pink phone or any other color other than black or gray, you are gay.  And if you put a picture of a kitten on the screen, you can think of heterosexuality.


17 If you carry a purse, you're gay.  And if it has crocodile skin applications, then you know that.


19 If girls trust you and no one has ever told you they want you to, you're gay.


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